CoinCasso is a Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Trading Platform licensed company registered in Estonia (European Union). The entire platform is currently available to partners and holders of the CCX token in the open 3.0 version.

CoinCasso is a holistic project, which means implementing solutions on a few business layers regarding the cryptocurrency solutions to make using easier for our users

CoinCasso is one of the first to offer active users financial benefits. This is, for example, an affiliate bonus, a share in a part of the company's profits or a reduction of the transaction fee by up to 50%.

Active users can also influence the company's business decisions by voting, including the launch of a new product or listing of tokens on the stock exchange.

CoinCasso Exchange - Features

  • Fiat Trading - an opportunity for trading via FIAT currency or specific digital currency.

  • Order Types -  instant order and limit order

  • Quick Buy/Sell -  service will be connected to our open API and will facilitate the processing of transactions

  • Security - verification via SMS or 2FA token

  • Advanced Chart Tools - the real-time order books, trade history

  • Corporate Accounts - an opportunity to create an account for institutional clients and companies

  • Real-time deposits with debit & credit card - via Mastercard, Visa & Free Bank Transfer

Our Platform

We are sure of the wide application of blockchain technology and the benefits of cryptocurrencies in the near future. By introducing global solutions not only due to technological innovations but also thanks to education about blockchain and crypto news, the crypto world ecosystem becomes more friendly for everyone.

CoinCasso cooperates with one of the most famous football clubs in the world - Paris Saint Germain!

You can read our whitepaper: