1. Log in to coincasso.io.

2. From the menu on the left select: Money --> Withdraw.
3. Select "From: CCXWallet".

4. Log in to CCWallet mobile app. Pick the Ethereum wallet. Click on the thumbnail of QR code. Share your wallet address or scan QR code.

5. Press "Add new" and complete the data: e-mail address from coincasso.com and Ethereum wallet address. WARNING! Don't rewrite your Ethereum address - it's not complete. After that, enter your PIN and click "save".

6. Get back to Money --> Withdraw --> From: CCXWallet. 

7. Fill in "Amount" and "PIN", then click "Withdraw".

8. You will get the security code in your e-mail. Copy that code and paste it on the right field. Then click "Withdraw" and check your wallet.