Freezing tokens CCX means, that the user has keeps them in a verified wallet for a limited time. Tokens gives the owner access to participate in the life of CoinCasso and allow to receive many benefits. 

To freeze CCX tokens user has to stake them in a special wallet on CoinCasso 3.0 exchange platform. When the time past, the CCX tokens will be frozen. Waiting depends of that, how many tokens you have. Click HERE, to read more about advantages of freezing tokens, and how long they will be freezing. 

Step 1.  Log into exchange and go straight to CCX Club bookmark. Then press "stake" button.

Step 2.  Enter quantity - how many tokens do you want to stake. Minimal amount of CCX, that you can freeze is 1000. You can type amount manually, or stake all with one click. Then press "stake" button in the right corner.

Step 3.  Wait the correct number of days until the CCX will be frozen.