Remember fact, that before You could deposit funds, You have to have Your account verified.

Depositing FIAT currencies via credit or debit card is only one of the ways, that You can deposit Your funds. Other way is to deposit your funds via bank transfer.

Step 1. 

  • If Your account is verified, log in CoinCasso Exchange. Then move to "Wallets" tab on the left side.
  • Choose Your Euro wallet and go to "Deposit" tab and make sure, that you choose correct payment method (debit or credit card)

Step 2.

  • Enter Amount that You want to deposit, then press "DEPOSIT" button.
  • Remember that the minimal amount that you can deposit is 50 Euro, and the maximum amount is 5 000 Euro. 
  • The Fee is 3.5% from your amount. 
  • Time of confirmation is instant, which means that you should have your funds after few seconds on your wallet. 

Step 3.

  • After clicking deposit button, You will be taken to payment website. 
  • Choose correct method of payment by credit or debit card. 

Step 4. 

  • Enter your personal  and card details, then click "Pay securely" button.